Assalamu 'alaikum Wr. Wb.


All thanks should be given to Allah, who has provided health and enjoyment in seeking knowledge. Sholawat salam remains upheld to His Majesty the Messenger of Allah SWT., Who has given instructions and brought his Ummah from the era of ignorance to the era filled with Islamic values. So that until this moment has been given instructions in finding knowledge that is useful and full of blessing. Islam has given His instructions in the Qur'an, so that it is always studied and will provide enlightenment for anyone who wants to learn it.

The quality of education in an institution also needs the support of the media so that it can be a way of publicizing activities and programs that are in accordance with the vision and mission of MAN 1 Tulungagung. This website is one of the media to provide information related to MAN 1 Tulungagung's flagship activities and programs. Various academic activities and information, students' self-development, and the potential for educational development will be informed on this website. At least the existence of this website makes one of the benchmarks of MAN 1 Tulungagung publications in the wider community.

Various excellent programs owned by MAN 1 Tulungagung including; Madrasah Based on Research, PDCI Services that took two years, Tahfidzul Qur’an, Prodistik, and Batik Design. This excellent program has always been one of the noble goals of MAN 1 Tulungagung so that their students can study in accordance with the times without leaving Islamic principles.

Hopefully this information website will make madrasa better, and better madrasa, to instill the values ​​of Islamic teachings, and educate morality.

Wasalamu 'alaikum Wr. Wb.

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